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Need to get that tax return done?

We love tax! Whether you're an employee, a sole trader, business owner or trust/partnership member, we've got your tax return needs covered.

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I've always done my own tax returns without the help of an accountant

More often than not people who do their own tax returns will miss out on valuable deductions simply because they didn't know what they were entitled to claim.

Are you sure your tax return is as big as it could be?

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Supporting Local Businesses

We're passionate about helping local businesses throughout the Townsville region. Whether farming, transport, arts or tutoring (to name a few), we're here to help.

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I've just started up my own business as a sole trader: what do I need to know about tax?

Starting up as a sole trader changes the way you report income and pay your taxes. We can make sure that you're ready for the transition, no matter which industry you're from.

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The Coutts Redington Holistic Accounting Approach

This may seem like a motherhood statement and one that everyone makes but this is not the case. We all require a range of non-medical services as we pass through life and they change as we age, there are many stages in life and each has its own set of needs.

Our offer to you is that we can assist with everything you’ll need, should you want it, and supply it either directly or via our network of professional partners. Every step along your journey, and that of your family, we can provide sensible advice and tailored solutions to ensure you get the most from the experience.

We are the piece that ensures all your needs are covered.

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Our Specialties

Construction Industry

Your time is valuable and often in a competitive world you need to focus on the day-to-day needs of running your construction / building business. Often this leaves little time to manage the financial side of your business but we can help. By specialising in your industry we have developed expertise that will not only free you up from these tasks but take your company’s financial information and use it to help you plan and develop your future.

Medical and Health

Your practice has many issues that make financial management more time consuming that most. Your business needs a financial team that is effective, that sees your vision and partners with you to meet your goals. Understanding small business taxation and accounting is our business. Our expertise in your industry means we can maximise your returns and ensure you are always on top of the financial management of your practice.

Primary Production

We have many clients who are primary producers and their financial management needs can be very complex. The knowledge and experience we’ve built up over many years ensures that we know what is needed to manage the costs, regulations and financing that make the financial management of your business time consuming and complex. We can give you the time and expertise to turn this complexity to your advantage.

Tax Litigation Support

Your business needs a financial team that is effective, that sees your vision and partners with you to meet your goals. Understanding small business taxation and accounting is our business. We offer our full suite of services to you, tailored to your individual requirements.

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Who do we serve?

  • An elderly rural man.
  • An adult woman and gardener.
  • A young male farmer from QLD.
  • Female farmer.
  • A professional primary producer.
  • Young woman sending tax documents on her computer.
  • A farmer holding crops.
  • Female barista from Townsville.
  • A construction worker and tradesman.
  • Lady manufacturing food items.
  • Middle aged man and medical professional.
  • An elderly woman gardening outside.
  • Man with a truck, transporting goods.
  • Female medical professional and doctor.
  • A country bloke.
  • Professional Australian vet.
  • Cattle farmer from Townsville.
  • A young teacher and educational professional.

With over 50 years experience in public accounting and up-to-date training through regular attendance at professional seminars, we are able to provide effective, accurate and professional advice to individuals and small to medium businesses throughout the Townsville area, assisting with a wide range of accounting, taxation and business matters.

We service clients from all industries and you can read about a few of those below: