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Pay during stand down & severe weather

In the wake of cyclone Debbie this is an important notice concerning matters of pay: Source Fair Work Ombudsman.

The following information is taken from a PDF issued by the Fair Work Ombudsman and addresses a question our clients have been asking. Full details are contained in the PDF link at the end, please make sure you read the full document.

Stand down

An employer can send employees home if there is no useful work for them to do because of:

  • equipment break down
  • natural disaster (including floods, bushfires, tropical cyclones)
  • industrial action ( .

This is known as a stand down. This can only happen if the reason for the stand down was out of the employer's control.

Employees can't be stood down just because there is not enough work.

An employee is not paid during a stand down period.

Pay during stand down

Best practice tip

An employee is not paid during a stand down period. However, an employer can be flexible and consider other options that will allow an employee to be paid.

The employer can consider letting employees:

  • take a period of paid leave, such as annual leave
  • work at another location such as from home or another work site.

Pay during stand down & severe weather - PDF

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